TacklePro 10pc Fishing Lure Assortement w/ Tackle Box


PM600000 TacklePRO 10pc Lure Assortement w/ Tackle Box

This TacklePRO lure box is the perfect gift or starter pack for anyone keen on going lure fishing. The adaptable box has removeable slots for flexible storage and can hold up to 24 differnt jigs & lures.

The Kit Contains:
The Kit Contains:
PM619100 TacklePro Universal Lure Box w/ Moveable Partitions
PM612021 TacklePro Inchiku Lure 60gm – Purple Piranha
PM612039 TacklePro Kabura Lure 80gm – Yellow Ripper
PM612008 TacklePro Inchiku Lure 40gm – Orange Impaler
PM612026 TacklePro Kabura Lure 60gm – Pink Panther
PM612027 TacklePro Kabura Lure 80gm – Pink Panthe
PM613003 TacklePro Snapper Catcher Silver Ð 5/0
PM613002 TacklePro Snapper Catcher Yellow Ð 5/0
PM612032 TacklePro Kabura Lure 60gm – Orange Impaler
PM612033 TacklePro Kabura Lure 80gm – Orange Impaler
PM612034 TacklePro Kabura Lure 100gm – Orange Impaler

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