TacklePro 8″ Hand Caster 100 Metre – Hi-Vis Yellow


PM630001 TacklePro Hand Caster 100 Metre – Hi-Vis Yellow

¥ Reel Size: 8 inch
¥ Line Length: 100 Metre
¥ Hook Size: 4/0
¥ Colour: Hi-Vis Yellow
¥ Complete with Sinker and Swivel

Lay about 3 meters of line on the ground and make sure it is not tangled, hold the handcaster in your left hand and make sure it is facing out like a spool for the line to come off. Now with your right hand hold the line and with a round arm style circling motion rotate the sinker and bait till it gets a bit of velocity making sure it stays away from your body and head. When your bait and sinker has reached your desired depth, release the line in the direction you wish your bait to travel and the line will peel off the handcaster like a threadline reel with its bail arm open. It will take a bit of practice and is best you try with a rubber casting plug till you become proficient with this technique.

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